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Start-Up Grants for Women and Minorities

Is a Grant Right For You? Looking for Grants for Women and Start-Ups?  I am frequently asked by prospective business owners, particularly women, about where to find grants to help them get started with their business concepts.  There are grants available but qualifying is difficult and competition is fierce.  In general, preparing yourself to qualify […]

Start-Up Business Ready

Are You Start-Up Business Ready? You are ready to start a business but are you start-up business ready?  Start-up business readiness involves reviewing your product or offering, your marketing plan, your finances and your personal readiness and attitude.  Becoming an entrepreneur is a major undertaking. Entrepreneurs will put in a lot of time, a lot […]

Personal Credit Matters for Business Owners

Why is my personal credit important if I am interested in a loan for the purpose of opening or purchasing a business? I am asked this question by most of the business owners with whom I am working. And it is an excellent question! Why is your personal credit important if you are looking for funds to purchase a business?